“The course made the topics easy to understand. This is an excellent course! If you are interested about learning, teaching or leading, this course is for you. ”

Hung NHung N

“Even though I spent 6 years on university by studying Pedagogy and Adult Education I found in this course some new information.”

Erika RErika R

“I started the course all over again last week. Not because the first time around was difficult, but because there is so much information packed into the course that a second round seems imperative.”

Kundan TKundan T

“I just finished this class. This is a well-crafted, fast-paced introduction to Instructional Design. This course gives the foundations of knowledge needed to become proficient at designing training courses.”

Rose ARose A

“I am very optimistic in regards to starting my own online tutoring business, and will be referencing this course quite a bit in the near future.”

Bima SBima S

“I would highly recommend all teachers, faculty members, administrative staff, and all educational leaders to take this course for their professional development to become effective, efficient and aware performers at their respective domains of work.It's definitely a very beneficial course for all those connected to education industry in some way or the other.”

Alexander PAlexander P

“We learn a lot about different models of distance education. We highly recommend this course to all educators who are starting their first project with online teaching. This online course was great since it gave me control of when and where to study. The coursework was well organized, rigorous and well worth all of my time and effort.”

Bima SBima S

“This course is a great match for me. I train people to repair and build guitars and they are all adults. I can already see areas where I can improve my training techniques. I loved this online class. I was able to work on my projects at any time of the day. The discussion groups were valuable, too.”

Meme MMeme M

“I have been teaching for over 15 years and this course has offered new approaches I can adopt and adapt for the various situations I work in. I found it enjoyable and informative and will be completing the advanced course next.”

Alex SAlex S

“Very good course, lots of useful info that can be applied right away. Very enlightening program that fits real-world scenarios of today's adult learner.”

Kiran KKiran K